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Hidden Falls offers on-site lodging that includes 3 Vacation Homes and 8 Casitas, and all are equipped with hotel-style amenities. You'll enjoy the comfort and relaxation of the Hill Country as you partake in the weekend festivities that make up a wedding celebration. To navigate and book your stay, select one of the three buttons below to reserve your stay in the Texas Hill Country!

Vacation Homes

We have three on location Vacation homes including The Lookout, The Retreat and The Treehouse. The Lookout can accommodate up to 10 guests The Retreat can accommodate 6-7 guests. Looking to host your Rehearsal dinner on-site? The Treehouse can hold up to 50 guests for your event as well as house up to 16 guests for an overnight or weekend stay. The Treehouse hosts many amenities including an indoor basketball court, movie room, and outdoor grill. It is the perfect place for wedding parties and loved ones to stay for your special day!

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The Lookout

  • 1 night for $850.00 • Call us (830) 216-8620
  • This clean and convenient option is a perfect option for your special guests. The Lookout is within walking distance to the venue and is a great place to relax after a full day of celebrating! With a fully stocked kitchen, outdoor patio, and outdoor basketball court, your special guests will never want to leave!
  • Sleeps up to 10 guests with 1 King Bed, 2 Queen Pullouts, 4 Full Beds, Luxury Baths, Full-sized Kitchen, Outdoor Patio, and Outdoor Basketball Court
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The Treehouse

  • 1 night for $1,250.00 • Call us (830) 216-8620
  • This incredible Hill Country residence is like no other. The indoor basketball gym and media room offer hours of fun. When you're done playing basketball and watching TV, enjoy dinner on the patio. Sleeps 6 with 1 King suite, a loft with 4 twin beds, kitchen and 2 bathrooms.
  • Adjacent to this estate are two additional homes, for a total of 16 guests. Each of these homes has 1 King suite, 1 Queen sleeper, a kitchen and separate bathrooms. This home offers so much for a large family or group getaway.

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The Retreat

  • 1 night for $550.00 • Call us (830) 216-8620
  • This incredible Hill Country residence is the perfect place to celebrate and relax at the same time. With one King and 2 Queen Beds, there is room to spread out or invite guests over. The oversized patio is perfect for relaxing and entertaining.
  • Sleeps 6-7 with 1 King suite, 1 double Queen room, 1 Twin Sleeper, 2 Luxury Baths and a Gourmet Kitchen.